The Wedding Pictures of Debbie Moore & Tim Fitz-Gerald

The menu selections on the side represent a small quantity of the pictures that we have so far.  The contributors are listed in the order that we received their pictures so if you've already read this page then all you have to do is check the end for any updates.

Sandy Taylor produced a photograph album from digital pictures she took but it was printed out and we are trying to get the digital images to post rather than scan them ourselves. 

Steve Green has given us pictures from five rolls of film that were taken at the wedding.  These will be scanned and added soon.




Barbara Abbate produced a CD of digital images which was given to Tim and he is still searching for it (yeah, he's in the dog house over misplacing it because there is no other copy ... pray for him please!).  OK, it's been found and incorporated into the webpage on 12/13/05.


Pam Rogers has sent 77 digital pictures and incorporated them into her own web pages which have been incorporated as "Pam's Pics" in three separate pages (these are the full size images and may take some time to load, especially on dial up connections).  Pam's Pics have been combined into the montage and slideshow pages with smaller versions of the same images for increased speed in viewing.

Gloria Quigley is our fourth contributor; however, she could've been the first as she still has the only collection of pictures from the bridal shower (good pictures Gloria and thank you, but if you get us those then we can include them for all to enjoy as well).


The rehearsal pictures haven't been setup yet because ... well, we haven't received them all and just haven't had the time yet.  Barbara has some pictures of the rehearsal (received and added) and we're still waiting on the wedding shower pictures from Gloria (from 10/22/05).  The honeymoon pictures are currently be censored for family viewing ... not really, we just took 27 rolls of pictures and about 6 hours of digital video from Hawaii and if we haven't had time for the rehearsal pictures then you know we haven't had time for these either.

The professional proofs are being sent to us by our photographer, Lloyd Tyson, and we will, provided we obtain his permission, post those pictures along with his information for anyone wishing to order any of his pictures since they are copyrighted material.

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