Wedding Scheduled for November 19, 2005

Debbie Moore & Tim Fitz-Gerald

South Daytona, Florida

All family members are invited.

Dillards, Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, Pier1, JC Penny’s

Registries - Although the function of a registry is to help get a new family started, that hardly applies in this case because we already have the results of four households merged together (Debbie's, Tim's, Tim's Father and Debbie's Mother).  Registering for dinnerware when you have enough plates to serve 60 (no joke . . . correction, they've now grown to 96 since we found it is cheaper to buy dinnerware for an event rather than rent it) is an exercise in insanity and both Debbie & I feel like beggars just going to the department store bridal registries.  Since we have had people ask us where we are registered we had to go out and find a solution so here are our ideas regarding a wedding registry.

BEGIN RANT (ala Dennis Miller without the profanity)

Registries are great for couples just starting their new lives together such as the young 20 somethings.  For those of us that are “young” 40 somethings that have multiple combined households that have a lot of “stuff” from four combined households (each other and our parents) it is an exercise in gluttony.  We don’t feel comfortable asking for items that our average guest could not afford (also known as the "gift grab" invitation - very tacky); however, if some long lost relative has just won the powerball lottery and is feeling generous we would not turn down a vacation home in the Jackson Hole, WY or a Cessna 172/182.  Most of the cute little shops that are our favorite “buying holes” are too small to even have a registry so we’ve scrounged around a few sites to try to find a collection of places and piece together a pseudo-registry (It feels like we’re little kids making a Christmas list rather than adults buying for kids, so this has been the most psychological wrenching part of our wedding plans – we’d much rather plan the details of the wedding and reception to make it enjoyable for all of our guests rather than do this).


So with the above in mind, here are a few things we’ve found that we could/will eventually be buying for ourselves and that we feel comfortable adding to a registry collection (click on each name to go to the registry site):

Dillards, Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, Pier1, JC Penny’s

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