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This web home (as opposed to a website) is for the Fitz-Gerald's and extended family to share and preserve family memories.  As we grow older and become more spread apart, it becomes more difficult to stay in touch and now that we are sufficiently mature and technologically capable we need to take advantage of the tools available to us to keep in touch more than funerals and weddings (and new babies too).  This is for those "Fitz-Gerald's" that have stuck with the original hyphenation and are too stubborn to change (it seems stubbornness is a family trait that goes way back)

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Upcoming Family Events:

Tim & Debbie's Wedding - November 19, 2005

Dave & LaRena baby boy - January 2006.

Jeff coming back from Iraq - not soon enough

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Allen, Patti, Dave, Tim (webhost), Pam, Barb, Jeff, Patti, Allen, Lindsay

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